This website is dedicated to all my incredible fans, from really near and dear to far and beyond, who have ALWAYS seen me through - I love you ALL...forever...

Known for her dynamic stage presence and personable musical style, Lisa Addeo has been hailed as an extraordinary and highly talented force in the music world. 
She has over 6,600 fans on Facebook and her own radio station on Pandora. She has 129 songs on iTunes and broke attendance records at Radio City Music Hall. Welcome to Lisa Addeo Music!

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Songs written, arranged and produced by Lisa:

(piano, vocals: Lisa)


Desert Hideaway:

Bate Bate Chocolate:

Mates Of The Soul:  

Not Gonna Let You Do It:

Film/TV Cue: Suspense

Film/TV Cue: Drama w strings

Film/TV Cue: Fast Chase

Film/TV Cue: Jazzy vocals with Harmon

Film/TV Cue: R&B w Harmon

FilmTV/ Cue: A Capella Vocals

Film/TV Cue: Have You Seen

Film/TV Cue: Broadway

Film/TV Cue: Jazzy Vocals "Do-ya"

Film/TV Cue: Big Band

Film/TV Cue: Jingle All The Way

Believe Your Dreams: 

I'm In Love With You:

Above The Clouds:

Smile For Me: 

She Has Arrived:

Above The Clouds: (vocal version)

In Excelsis Deo:


More Than Words Can Say:

La Florida:

E Mail: TheLisaMusic@Gmail.com